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So! Neil Gaiman (insert swoon here) is coming to Singapore for the SWF (... to be honest, I'm not quite sure if it's the Singapore Writers' Festival or the Singapore Writing Festival, but I suspect it's the former)- he'll be talking about his books on 31st Oct and 1st Nov, as I'm sure some of you already know, as well as co-chairing a panel(?) with Amanda Palmer on the 31st.

WELL, THE POINT OF THIS POST IS, I'VE GOT TICKETS TO SEE NEIL GAIMAN. And since they gave out tickets in sets of two, I have one left over - it's for 31st Oct, 3pm. Who wants to come?!

Eeeeeee so cute!

....yeah, I'm just posting these as and where I find them XD

...damn, it's too long.Collapse )
Here's the more or less accurate relationship map. XD

Naturally, I wasn't the one who drew it; our Yao did. And she'd appreciate it if you checked out the rest of her gallery too XD

Of course, this is subject to changes as the RP develops XD

So I decided to post this

for no reason at all XD

Pre-orders = Y/N?

I thinking of pre-ordering one, maybe two of these three calenders... which one should I pick?

KHR (A), KHR (B), and Hetalia.


....I'm not ded.


I seriously gotta remember to log into my account when checking my f-list orz. I think I've missed a lot of people.

...why do I never check my f-list anymore, you don't ask? Because I've become obsessed with a Hetalia RP which I am a part of. Problem is, they're ALL AMERICAN. So you can imagine how difficult it is for me to meet up with them orz. Recently I have taken to getting up at 7am just so that I can meet them online orz. Such is the depth of my obsession, and then I RP from 7am to 2pm EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. ...I don't know whether to hope that they'll resume school soon or not. ...yes, every single one of them are younger than I am. The youngest is 12. I suddenly feel like an old old person.

Bribery tiems!

As I anticipate needing errand boysgirls tomorrow, peoples who turn up early (abt 5:30pm) will get tamagoyaki? I'll only be making one roll - about 4-6 slices worth depending on how you cut it. They'll also get to light the fire for the BBQ! (Yes, I am a pyromaniac - well, a reformed pyromaniac. I no longer light so many things on fire. That's why I consider getting to light the fire a form of bribery.) They can even cook things if they want to? XD

Errands, meaning, like getting ice, maybe baguettes, things like that. Being the drinks person, setting out plates, things like that.

Note to self: Buy metal wire mesh type thing, bring foil, sweet potatoes?, juice, plastic cups, plates, bamboo skewers, forks, half watermelon, charcoal, charcoal tongs, tongs, fan/plate, knife!, meats w/ marinade, lemongrass stalk?, garlic, pineapple, green peppers.

Menu: Devilled chicken wings, chicken kebabs, hoisin salmon, orange pork, sausages?, grilled tomatoes, grilled corn-on-the-cob, garlic bread, baked sweet potatoes?, chocolate cookies, watermelon, choco banana!, juice, maybe ice-cream from the Big Splash. Too much?

oooooh... Choco banana.

So last weekend was Cosfest VIII: A Very Happy Event. And oh, how HAPPY it was. XD

Sadly, the main cast of Reborn more or less fell out of favour this year.Collapse )

And then I had Choco Banana Pocky~